Blogologues performed my story on stage, and it was hysterical!

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A few weeks ago, I received this tweet on an assuming Thursday afternoon:

Needless to say, I was both excited and confused. What post were they talking about? And wait, who or what is a Blogologue? Before long, an email popped up in my inbox and things began to come into focus. NYC Funny-ladies Jen Jamula and Alli Gold had stumbled across this site (the one you’re on now!) in their search of material for the next run of their NYC comedy show “Blogologues”- a show that performs funny/weird/downright bizarre content from all over the internet.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when they told me that the 2nd story from my article My Top 3 WORST OkCupid Dates of All Time was what piqued their interest. They invited me to the show for free and asked if I would do a Q&A with the audience after the performance, which I agreed to because, well,  it sounded really freaking fun…and it was!

First of all, GO SEE BLOGOLOGUES IF YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY. The show was hysterically funny and completely weird and if you have a sense of humor you will like it!

Here is a video of my story being performed (along with a Charlie Brown erotic fanfiction -yes, you read that right- acted out in the middle. I did not write this fanfiction…although I kind of wish I had.)

Other than being in awe of watching something I created being performed in front of me (and getting laughs!) I just about DIED when “If You’re Not the One” started playing!

After the show, I went up on stage and did the Q&A:




And I got my own little annotation in the playbill saying I would be speaking with the audience after the show!


All and all, the experience was amazing and SO fun! A total dream come true! Thanks, Blogologues!

Going to Art School! Check out my Art Site!

Hey guys and gals!

Some exciting news! In addition to shedding some old responsibilities that weren’t bringing any joy to my life, I got accepted into Parsons The New School For Design! I will be earning a degree in Graphic Design there starting next year! Considering that I already do a bunch of graphic design work mixed in with my writing work, I am SO excited to learn amazing new lessons from one of the top art schools in the country!

For my admission’s project, I had to make a postage stamp of my “favorite fruit or vegetable.” This is what I came up with:


His name is Migraine Banana. And he isn’t happy.

Anyway, I started a facebook page for my artwork- “like” to follow my projects HERE!

Tribeca Film Festival 2014 coverage! Right here, right now!

Hey kids! I’m covering this year’s Tribeca Film Festival over at Flixist and would love to keep you up-to-date on all the good (and not so good…) movies of the season! So head on over there if you’re curious and be sure to follow me on twitter at @Izzymagliari!

Happy festival season, ya’ll! I will return to our regularly scheduled programming of creepy things and funny stories next week 🙂

I am Not Dead! I am Moving!

Hey readers!

I promise you I am not dead! I am undergoing a rather large move from CT back to my beloved NY, so I may be a bit slower at updating than usual! But fear not– as soon as I am settled (at this point it shouldn’t be more than a few days), I will put up Part 3 in the Creepiest Murder Mysteries/Disappearances series! Oh, and expect a “I HATE MOVING AND HERE’S WHY” post too!

In the mean time, you can find me over at Flixist and Twitter. See you in a few days!