My Top 3 WORST OKCupid Dates Of ALL TIME.


Three years ago, before I met the stinky/handsome man I currently share my life with, I was a twenty-year-old artsy fartsy idiot new to the Brooklyn dating scene. And what better way was there to exact my newfound sexual freedom then to date the most horrifying string of men the internet had to offer? NO BETTER WAY, THAT’S WHAT. My dates were sometimes sad, oftentimes hilarious, and always horrifying. So, In honor of Valentine’s Day, I present to you My Top 3  WORST OkCupid dates of ALL TIME.

Yes, these things really happened to me. No, I wasn’t on candid camera.

Yes, I live a ridiculous life.  

3. The Time a Guy Brought His Ex-Girlfriend on Our Date

I met Jack on OkCupid during the winter of 2009. I had just moved to a small apartment in Brooklyn, changed my OKCupid location to my hip new borough, and was eager to hit the town with some pretty, young thing on my arm. Jack fit the bill. He was a 27 year old graphic designer living and working in Manhattan, and I wanted to make him mine. After a two week courting period, during which time I deduced that he wasn’t a Ted Bundy-type, we decided to go on a date. We agreed to meet at Rockefeller Plaza and watch the lighting of the tree.

When the night finally arrived, my heels were high, my hair was big, and my skirt was short. I was feeling hot as I climbed the subway stairs and walked straight into a torrential downpour of biblical proportions. A flash rain storm had hit Manhattan and I didn’t have an umbrella. Looking like a drowned rat, I mourned the loss of my bangin’ hair and smokey eye application and womped my way toward the throng of umbrellaed tourists and New Yorkers waiting before the unlit tree. 

As I approached the crowed, I heard a female voice shout in my direction, “Is that her?!” I flung my head around nervously and spied a small woman with curly black hair quickly moving towards me. “Jack! This is her!” She was yelling over her shoulder. My stomach twisted into a tight knot as the woman ran up to me. “Come on!” She barked, roughly grabbing my wrist and pulling me forward, “We’ve got a good spot over here! You can see the tree really well but if you don’t move now we’re going to lose it!” Feeling slightly concussed and completely confused, I allowed myself to be dragged to the outskirts of the crowd while weakly trying to introduce myself, “Umm…Hi, I’m Izzy. Are you Jack’s friend? Or…?” It was no use.

I saw Jack standing amongst the people, umbrella in hand, shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other as the two of us approached. “Here you go!” the small woman squawked, letting go of my hand and shoving me towards my date, “I found her!” Jack mumbled, “Thanks Sue…” to the woman while I stared at her, bewildered. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Izzy!” Jack said, snapping my attention back to him, “Oh, um, hello…” I forced a smile and awkwardly shook his hand. Silence. We both laughed uncomfortably at the same time. More silence. Sue pointed at the tree. “Look! I think they’re going to light it soon!!” A million panicky questions ran through my head, “Who the fuck is this woman? She’s obviously Jack’s friend…but why would he bring a friend on our date? He didn’t tell me he was going to bring anyone! Maybe he thought I was a murderer and wanted protection …How do I ask him who she is while she’s standing RIGHT THERE?”

Suddenly, the woman turned to me and stuck her hand out, “I’m Sue, by the way.”

“Uhhh. Nice to meet you.”

The three of us stood side by side in silence while the tree lit up. After gazing at the twinkling christmas lights through the haze of rain for a while, Jack invited me out to a diner so we could “get better acquainted.”  Finally, some alone time, I thought– moments before Sue invited herself along. While we waited for our meals, Jack and Sue talked amicably while I twiddled my thumbs, staring longingly at the exit. The waitress brought or meals and I was a pancake and a half in when Sue blurted out, “Jack and I used to date– but now we’re just friends!” She explained, “Very good friends…” My eyes bored through my sunnyside up eggs while Jack picked up where Sue had left off. “She insisted on meeting you! She’s my wing-woman!” I didn’t know what to say, so I shoveled more breakfast foods into my mouth and prayed for death.

The rest of my evening consisted of Sue making fun of me for not knowing enough about Fraggle Rock for her liking, critiquing my dress and shoe combination, and asking me invasive questions like, “Are you still a virgin?”

Later that night, I received a Facebook friend request from her alongs with a private message which read, “I’ll be checking up on you!”

Needless to say, Jack and I never saw each other again. But worse dates were yet to come…

2. The Time a Guy Made Me Read Original Erotic Fiction in His Bedroom During a Storm 

My date with Stephen started out pretty well. He took me to Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., bought me a strawberry smoothie, and gave me a scenic tour of Park Slope. When it started raining and he invited me back to his apartment, I agreed. Stephen didn’t give off any highly detectible serial-killer vibes, so I was relatively sure I would exit his apartment unscathed. When the two of us entered his small walkup, I was in good spirits, until I noticed that the living room, kitchen, and second bedroom all looked abandoned. Only Stephen’s room had any furniture or working lights in it, and they only consisted of one hanging, overhead bulb, a mattress on the floor, and a rickety laptop sitting on top of a milk-crate. Stephen could tell that I was apprehensive about fully entering his modest apartment and quickly explained, “Oh! Sorry about this– all my roommates just moved out! I’m here by myself until I can recruit some new ones!”

At this point, any logical young woman would have hightailed it out of that dump, but I was an impressively dense girl with a penchant for danger, so my internal alarm system was all but muted. I followed Stephen into his sad, sparse bedroom and glanced around me with just a touch of worry. Stephen reclined on his mattress and asked for me to join him, but I said no, opting instead to perch on the floor in front of his laptop.

“Oh! You want to see something cool?!” He asked suddenly, jumping up off his bed and turning on his computer screen. “Look! I’m working on a digital art piece. I’m taking a bunch of different songs I love and illustrating them. I’m going to turn my drawings into an e-book!” Stephen clicked open a picture gallery with a mix of digital paintings and original writing. I flipped through the gallery and worked hard to neutralize my expression as I stared at some of the worst MS Paint art I had ever seen. “I painted this one while listening to ‘Brothers on a Hotel Bed’ by Death Cab…” He said, impressed with himself. “Wow.” I replied, at a loss for words. “Here–” Stephen clicked open a poorly done digital painting of a topless woman with text over it, “I wrote this story while listening to Daniel Bedingfield’s ‘If You’re Not the One.’ My e-book is going to include some original fiction, too. I would like…you to read it.”

“Umm, okay…” I replied, beginning to feel more uneasy. Stephen turned and grabbed an itunes remote control off his windowsill before laying back down on his mattress, his eyes never leaving me. I heard him clicking the remote and the opening notes of ‘If You’re Not the One’ crinkled through his busted laptop speakers.

Now, to anyone reading this, I want you to click on THIS LINK before continuing. It leads to a youtube video of ‘If You’re Not the One.’ I want you to listen to this song while you read the rest of this story. I want you to fully understand my horror.

I began reading Stephen’s story while my ears filled with Daniel Bedingfield’s simpering vocals. Two sentences in I realized it was erotic fiction. And when I say erotic, I mean filthy. Toys of every kind were involved, with multiple people getting in on the action. There I was in this stranger’s dilapidated bedroom, sitting on the floor, reading the intimate details of his fantasy bacchanalia, while he studied me like a vulture from his bed. I meekly glanced out the window and noted the storm raging outside. I had to think of a way out.

“What do you think…?” Stephen asked from behind me. My voices croaked in my throat, “Oh…it’s….a good story…”

“You don’t like it?!” He asked, upset, “It’s not finished yet!”

“It’s okay!” I stood up while hastily pulling my purse over my shoulder, “I  have to get going any way!”

“Look at the weather outside!” Stephen argued, “you can’t leave now!”

Eventually I convinced Stephen to let me go with the promise that I would call him to set up a second date. I walked through the rain and wind to the subway, feeling much safer out in the storm then inside his room. Stephen tried to contact me a few more times with no degree of success and then finally moved on. Now, a logical young woman would have learned her lesson at this point, but, as we’ve established, I’m anything but…

1. The Time My Date and I Got Summoned to Court for Trespassing 

Funny enough, out of all the dates on this list, my time spent with Alan was by far the most enjoyable. Alan was a nice person, and we got along well. His biggest problem was that he had lied about his appearance on his OkCupid profile, and he really liked me while I didn’t really like him, which is an awkward situation for anybody.

Alan and I met up for lunch in St. Mark’s and the first thing I noticed about him was that he was older and much larger than his OKCupid profile let on. As we sat down to eat our falafels, he admitted that the pictures on his OKC profile were outdated and apologized, saying that he was too embarrassed to post anything current. It was unfortunate, because while I appreciated his honesty, I knew from the moment I saw him that I wasn’t attracted to him and wouldn’t pursue a relationship with him. Still, we decided to hang out anyway.

Outside of Alan repeatedly insisting that he would win me over, our day together was nice. We decided to end it by taking a leisurely stroll through Central Park and entered the grounds around 11:30pm. Alan kept making me laugh and would follow it up by saying, “See? You think I’m funny! I’m going to get you to say yes to a second date!”

“No, no,” I would reply, “I don’t want to date you, I’m sorry.”

After a while, I got a little tired of him pushing me for a second date and decided to call it a night. Alan offered to walk me to the subway and we began to make our way out of the park when we realized that we were lost. After some searching, around 1:10am, we spotted an exit and began walking toward it.

Suddenly, a police car came barreling toward us, lights flashing and sirens on. Alan and I jumped twenty feet in the air and looked around wildly, trying to see who the police were chasing. The car skidded to a stop in front of us and a police officer got out and shined a flashlight in our faces,  yelling, “Stop walking! Stop walking and face the car! Face the hood of the car!” The two of us instinctively put our hands up in the air and turned to face the cop car. “What are you two doing out here?!” the cop asked, quickly moving the flashlight across both of our faces. “N-nothing!” I stuttered out, “We were on our way out and we got lost!”

“Have either of you been drinking?” The cop asked. “No sir!” we both replied in a panic. The officer didn’t seem to believe us and became agitated. “Then what are you two doing here after curfew? Central Park closes at 1am! Do you two know what time it is? Were you in the park causing trouble after hours?” “No, no, no!” We both insisted, “We were just lost!”

Suddenly, a second police car came speeding towards us and stopped beside the first one. The second officer leaned out of his window and yelled to the first, “What’s going on here!?” The first officer informed him that Alan and I were “trespassing,” and that he was going to summon us to court for breaking park curfew. Then, a THIRD police officer came rolling up in a golf-cart yelling, “Is everything okay over here!?”

I looked around in disbelief. Alan and I were surrounded by 3 police officers, two with lights flashing atop their cars, and all three pointing flashlights at us as if we were members of a drug cartel and not two lost people on a bad date. The first police officer summoned each of us over to where he was standing and issued us both a court summons. “You must appear in court at this date and this time,” He told us, “or else a warrant will be out for your arrest, do you understand?” Alan and I both nodded. Then the police escorted us ten steps to the exit of the park and told us to scram.

Alan and I stood side by side in complete silence, shellshocked by what had just happened. I watched Alan slowly lift the summons to his face to read the cop’s handwriting.

“I’m due to appear in court May 26th, at 12pm,” He said. I glanced down at my own summons and saw the same date written on mine.

“So am I.”

Alan was quiet for a long time before finally turning to me and saying, “Well, then I guess…we’re going on that second date after all.”

Top 10 Romantic Musical Moments in Animation


Whether February 14th is your Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or Palentine’s Day, we here at Misanthropic Tendencies (meaning my beta fish and I) hope that it’s a day filled with love! Now let’s watch some cute, animated creatures sing about getting it on.

From Disney to Don Bluth, musical moments in animated films have provided us with some of the sweetest, saddest, and most memorable romances of all time. So grab a box of tissues, put some chocolate in your mouth, and enjoy my Top 10 Romantic Musical Moments in Animation!

10. Looking Through Your Eyes – Quest for Camelot

There is no denying that Quest for Camelot is a mess of a movie, but Looking Through Your Eyes, save for some questionable animation that doesn’t sync with the song at all, exists as the film’s bright spot. Garrett, though blind, is able to “see” Kayley through the transformative power of love. If that’s not flippin’ romantic then I don’t know what is. Plus, the song is gorgeous. Honestly, it’s too good for this movie (as is another song on the soundtrack)–  The two should have gotten a divorce. Wait, that’s not very romantic, is it? Looking Through Your Eyes, you can do better! Still, Garrett and Kayley’s romantic duet made my heart swell, and that’s really all that matters.

9. Ma Belle Evangeline – Princess and the Frog

I never thought a love song sung by a cajun firefly to a star would make me cry, but hey, Disney has caused me to experience weirder things in the past. Ray’s unfaltering love for Evangeline, a distant star that he believes to be a firefly, is the definition of bittersweet. I won’t ruin the ending of Princess and the Frog for you, but if you don’t sob like a baby when you see the culmination of Ray and Evangeline’s romance, then your heart is nothing but a withered husk, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Ma Belle Evangeline is a gorgeous song sung by a bug in love, and serves as a love song for protagonists Tiana and Naveen as well. The footage is beautiful, the music is beautiful, and their love lights up the sky.

8. Eve and WALL-E’s Sky Dance – WALL-E

I don’t remember most of WALL-E, but this scene always stayed with me. From the gentle instrumentation to the stunning visuals, Eve and WALL-E’s sky dance will steal your heart. As the two adorable robots zip through space, we see Eve showing WALL-E a world he’s never known, and you can tell he loves her for it. It’s amazing how much personality this one sequence can impress upon two robots that don’t even speak, but it does so effortlessly. Plus, every time Eve kisses WALL-E and sparks literally fly I can’t help but squeal a little. Cute robots in love. Is there anything better?

7. Beauty & the Beast – Beauty and the Beast

I don’t need to explain to you how stunningly romantic this song is. The only reason it’s not number 1 is because I don’t find Belle’s relationship with the Beast particularly romantic, but the animation in this scene, combined with Mrs. Potts sweet singing, overrides my distaste for their weird love (at least, until the song is over). When the lights dim at the end and the stars twinkle outside of the castle’s grand windows, my heart aches. Beauty & the Beast creates an almost tangible sense of safety and love. Now that’s a good musical moment.

6.  Kiss the Girl – The Little Mermaid

What’s more romantic than taking a twilight boat ride while surrounded by singing water fowl? Taking that boat ride with Prince Eric, that’s what. Kiss the Girl manages to be deeply romantic while maintaining a clear comedic tone, and that’s pretty darn impressive. The song is catchy, the lagoon is romantic, and even Scuttle’s squawking can’t ruin the mood.

5. Let Me Be Your Wings – Thumbalina

Let Me Be Your Wings has been one of my favorite romantic songs since I was a little girl. The melody is filled with swelling major notes while the vocals exude the excitement and reverie that comes with new love. I also adore the way Don Bluth animates human forms. The way Thumbelina lovingly caresses Prince Cornelius’ face as they fly together seems so authentic that you almost forget you’re watching two cartoon people smaller than your hand. I could watch and listen to Let Me Be Your Wings for hours and never get tired of it. This romantic moment is truly one of the greats.

4. I See the Light – Tangled

I’m a sucker for beautiful nighttime scenes in movies, so a cobalt sky filled with golden, glowing lanterns is just about the best thing for me. Add in a stunning love song sung by two characters I genuinely like and you’ve got a recipe for success. Rapunzel’s shift from being spellbound by the lanterns to being spellbound by Flynn gets me a little choked up every time. The animation is so good in this scene that you can actually see when Rapunzel and Flynn realize they love each other, making their relationship feel all the more real. Plus, Flynn and Rapunzel’s harmony as they sing together near the end of the song is just perfect.

3. Love Goes On – Robin Hood

Speaking of beautiful nighttime scenes in movies, no matter how gorgeous I See the Light is, it doesn’t hold a candle to Robin Hood’s Love Goes On. The idea of a forest hideaway filled with fireflies is absolutely my definition of a romantic destination. From the time I was little I’ve loved everything about this song and scene. I love the way neither character is singing and the music seems to be Maid Marion’s inner monologue. The lyric, “Life is brief, and when it’s gone, love goes on and on” exemplifies the feeling of being comfortably in love so well. Maid Marion and Robin Hood are kindred spirits, and they don’t need a flashy, fast-paced romance. They just want to be alone together in the quiet of the woods, as they’re love goes on and on.

2. A Whole New World – Aladdin

Oh, Aladdin, be still my beating heart! Not only is he the dreamiest Disney prince (in my humble opinion) but his carpet ride with Jasmine is one of the most romantic scenes in any animated movie. What can I say? I love everything about this scene from the song to the visuals. I love the way the orchestra swells as Aladdin and Jasmine fly into the sky, I love the way Aladdin bounces the apple off his elbow. There are just so many little details in this scene that make it so memorable and lovely. Jasmine and Aladdin are perfect for one another, and I don’t know anyone who isn’t charmed by the two of them cuddling on the carpet as it gently floats away across the water. Just tell Jasmine the truth, Prince Abooboo, you’ll be fine! Who could say no to that cute, cartoon underbite?

1. Carl & Ellie’s Montage – Up 

I’m sure you all saw this one coming. The number 1 spot goes to, of course, the entire opening montage of Up. Not only does the opening capture the entire duration of Carl and Ellie’s beautiful and heartbreaking romance, but it does so with gorgeous imagery and instrumentation alone. The montage, like love itself, will make your heart both sink and soar. Up shows us a real love, one that is affected by time, money, and age. Carl and Ellie’s montage makes us cry because it mirrors our own existence, and reaffirms our knowledge that, no matter what we do, love can and will be taken from us. But it’s the memory of that love, the fact that is existed at all, that is important. Carl and Ellie’s love wasn’t perfect, but it was theirs, and they adored each other until the very end, warts and all. That is true love.

Honorable Mention:

This Grill is Not a Home – Spongebob Squarepants

I figured you all might need a laugh after watching the opening scene from up. And really, is there any greater romance than Spongebob and Mr. Krabs’?

 So, what are your favorite cartoon romances of all time?

Horrifying Brooklyn Stories: The Girls Who lived in my Hallway


I speculate that spending the duration of my college years crammed into a shoebox- sized apartment in Midwood, Brooklyn sullied my ability to accurately identify the strange and outrageous. Perhaps this is why arriving home to the sight of my 50-year-old roommate assembling a hand-made bunk bed in our hallway did not inspire a panicked Craigslist search for a new apartment on my part, but merely the smallest tickle of unease.

I had been living with Atakan and Sabina for the better part of two years. The three of us shared a 600 square foot, one bedroom apartment. Atakan, an older Turkish man, and Sabina, a 25-year-old Kazakhstani woman, lived together in the apartment’s original living room, which they partitioned down the middle with a hanging sheet. I lived in the apartment’s actual bedroom, which was roughly the size of a large walk-in closet. Because of this, the apartment was reduced to little more than a kitchenette, a narrow hallway, and the three of us coexisted on top of one another.

Though our living situation was far from ideal, we tried to make it work. Atakan spoke almost exclusively Turkish, but Sabina was fluent in both Turkish and English, and would often act as the liaison between us. So, while Atakan clumsily attempted to nail a wooden board to the vaguely bunk bed-shaped mess he was building, I wildly scanned the hall for Sabina, hoping she could make some sense out of it.

Unfortunately, I knocked into our shoe-rack before I could determine her whereabouts and Atakan caught my gaze. He smiled at me, proudly gesturing to his monstrous creation.

“See?” He exclaimed, “Two new roommates!”

My eyes nearly popped out of my head. I knew any form of protest would be lost on Atakan without Sabina to translate, so I took a deep breath and asked, “They’re going to sleep…in there? In the hallway?”

“Yes!” Atakan responded, pointing at the two levels of the bunk, “One bed for each!”

I was at a loss for words. Atakan looked so pleased, and I didn’t want to offend him, but he couldn’t seriously be suggesting that more people move in, could he? I glanced down at my own smooth, 20-year-old hands that had never seen a day of woodworking in their lives, and wondered how easily I could dismantle the bed in the dead of night before any tenant had the chance to take up residency in it. And who were these new tenants? And why?

I felt my cellphone buzz in my coat pocket and plucked it out to see Sabina’s face flash across my screen. I eagerly accepted the call and blurted out my current predicament in lieu of a hello.

Sabina sounded as exasperated as I felt. She quickly explained that two of Atakan’s cousins were visiting from Turkey and that Atakan, for some unfathomable reason, had promised to build them a handcrafted bunk bed so they could sleep comfortably during their stay.

“Sabina!” I squealed, “We can’t fit more people here!”

“I know, I know,” She responded in a huff, “Calm down, it’s only for three weeks, and I think he’s trying to be endearing. It’s annoying, but I can’t tell him to stop. Besides, they are going to be behind a shower curtain, you won’t even see them.”

“A shower curtain?!”

Sabina’s voice had begun cutting out as she descended the stairs to her subway. She chuckled, “I have to catch my train. Call me when he’s done destroying the apartment.”

She hung up. I stared at my phone dumbly wondering what she could have meant.

As if on cue, Atakan approached me, thrusting a neon green shower curtain into my arms and pointed a finger toward the ceiling in response to my bewildered expression.

I looked up and noticed for the first time the dozens of crudely hung wires stretching from one wall of the hallway to the other, crossing over one another to create a rectangular opening above the bed. My newly acquired sixth-sense for weirdness saw what was in store.

Atakan and I spent the next hour and a half fastening the shower curtain to the wires so that it draped around the bed like a canopy. This, he explained, was “for privacy.” I didn’t argue. By the end of our project, the half-finished bunk bed was successfully shielded from view by hideous green fabric. It stood against one of the walls in our hallway, directly across from my bedroom door, so that I would have to see Atakan’s cousins every day while coming and going.

“Perfect!” Atakan exclaimed.

I nodded glumly, excusing myself to our kitchen. As I poured myself a mug of chai tea, I began mentally preparing myself for every possible problem that the arrival of his cousins could bring. “How bad could this be?” I wondered.

Atakan’s cousins moved in three days later. I was surprised to see that they were younger than me, both teenage girls who couldn’t have been older than sixteen. Sabina informed me that they spoke no English and were cripplingly shy. Unfortunately, this didn’t stop them from starting a fire in our kitchen on their first night with us by accidentally microwaving a spoon. Their shyness also didn’t stop them from taking items from my room and hiding them, or using my bed as a drying rack for their wet clothes while I was in class, or using my shampoo without permission and then throwing it out when they didn’t like it. By the end of their three-week stay, I couldn’t believe I had once perceived the neon green bunk bed in our hallway as my biggest problem. It turns out that my real enemy was a much more obvious and familiar one; teenage girls.

Top 10 Catchiest Anime Theme Songs!


It can’t be denied, anime has brought some of the catchiest jpop and jrock the forefront of the American experience by way of theme music– and we’re definitely better for it! These are My Top 10 Catchiest Anime Theme Songs! I’m sure yours will differ, so after you’ve read (and hopefully danced) to mine, leave me a comment with some of your favorites below!

10. Theme From Lupin III – Lupin III

Few songs deliver a sense of effortless swagger better than Theme from Lupin III. I never watched Lupin III much growing up, but its opening theme has been my ear-worm to bare since infancy. To this day, I sometimes catch myself straining out the song’s opening high notes when I think I’m alone…or when I’m surrounded by people. Whichever! Lupin the thiiird!

9.  Yakusoku wa Iranai – Vision of Escaflowne  

Vision of Escaflowne is another show I didn’t watch much until recently, but I have always loved its theme song. It was an easy favorite among my friends growing up, leading to a lot of rosy middle school nostalgia when I listen to it. Plus, it’s catchy as all get out! Listen to this one with a warm mug of tea and let it relax you, before it gets stuck in your head forever, of course.

8. Koko Dake no Hanashi – Princess Jellyfish

Honestly speaking, I’ve been out of dat anime game for the last five years. So when a friend recently introduced me to the Princess Jellyfish, I was skeptical. But the sweet opening notes of Koko Dake no Hanashi instantly assured me I was in good hands. The anime is wonderful, the opening theme is super duper, AND it’s instant streaming on Netflix. So if you like what you hear, check it out!

7. Everybody! Shake It, Buddy! – FAKE

FAKE was a manga that I was super into during middle school. Needless to say, when it was eventually adapted into an anime, sixteen-year-old me was all over it. Although the show never quite lived up to the manga, Everybody! Shake It, Buddy! was a bright spot during my angsty teenage years. I danced to this song. A lot. Like a possessed woman. And now you can too. You’re welcome!

6. What’s Up Guys? – Sorcerer Hunters

Sorcerer Hunters was the first manga I ever read back in 2002, and any incarnation of it will always hold a special place in my heart. It doesn’t hurt that the anime’s theme What’s Up Guys? is a kickass cacophony of crazy guitar and outrageous synth solos. I haven’t watched Sorcerer Hunters in over a decade, but I still find myself humming this song from time to time. Now that’s dangerously catchy.

5.  Let Me Be With You – Chobits

When my friend and I were twelve years old we went on a camp field trip to see a Broadway play. On our bus ride there, the two of us sang Let Me Be With You so incessantly that we were reprimanded by our counselors and begged to stop by our friends. Yet, despite all their anger, I heard more than a few of my fellow campers humming it to themselves throughout the day. Let Me Be With You is so catchy that it’s the devil’s music. No one is immune to its charms. Even if you hate it, you will be singing it. Chobits, what have you done?

4.  Rock the Dragon – Dragon Ball Z

Do I even need to explain why this song is catchy and awesome? It’s called Rock the Dragon for God’s sake. And boy does it rock that dragon.

3. Ride on Shooting Star – FLCL

Even though I was never a huge fan of FLCL, its theme song was always a favorite of mine. I love that Ride on Shooting Star manages to be both mellow and catchy, something many anime songs, including a few on this list, just can’t swing. FLCL’s primo theme totally stands on its own two feet, and is beloved by many with good reason. Ride on, The Pillows!

2. Tank! – Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is perfect. Tank! is perfect. Flawlessness all around. Just listen to it.

That is all.

1. Zankoku Na Tenshi No Te-Ze – Neon Genesis Evangelion

I had never seen Evangelion before a week ago, but I have known the theme song for as long as I can remember. Zankoku Na Tenshi No Te-Ze has existed in my life as a super high energy, fun, and incredibly catchy song since long before I even knew what anime was. Zankoku Na Tenshi No Te-Ze is right up there with Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy as a song that I absolutely have to dance to every time I hear it. I mean, it’s not hard to get me to dance, but dang. This song just isn’t playing around. Now, go forth and dance your little booty off, baby!

Honorable Mentions: 

HellsingCard Captor SakuraParanoia Agent

What anime theme songs can’t you get out of your head?