Top 10 Catchiest Anime Theme Songs!


It can’t be denied, anime has brought some of the catchiest jpop and jrock the forefront of the American experience by way of theme music– and we’re definitely better for it! These are My Top 10 Catchiest Anime Theme Songs! I’m sure yours will differ, so after you’ve read (and hopefully danced) to mine, leave me a comment with some of your favorites below!

10. Theme From Lupin III – Lupin III

Few songs deliver a sense of effortless swagger better than Theme from Lupin III. I never watched Lupin III much growing up, but its opening theme has been my ear-worm to bare since infancy. To this day, I sometimes catch myself straining out the song’s opening high notes when I think I’m alone…or when I’m surrounded by people. Whichever! Lupin the thiiird!

9.  Yakusoku wa Iranai – Vision of Escaflowne  

Vision of Escaflowne is another show I didn’t watch much until recently, but I have always loved its theme song. It was an easy favorite among my friends growing up, leading to a lot of rosy middle school nostalgia when I listen to it. Plus, it’s catchy as all get out! Listen to this one with a warm mug of tea and let it relax you, before it gets stuck in your head forever, of course.

8. Koko Dake no Hanashi – Princess Jellyfish

Honestly speaking, I’ve been out of dat anime game for the last five years. So when a friend recently introduced me to the Princess Jellyfish, I was skeptical. But the sweet opening notes of Koko Dake no Hanashi instantly assured me I was in good hands. The anime is wonderful, the opening theme is super duper, AND it’s instant streaming on Netflix. So if you like what you hear, check it out!

7. Everybody! Shake It, Buddy! – FAKE

FAKE was a manga that I was super into during middle school. Needless to say, when it was eventually adapted into an anime, sixteen-year-old me was all over it. Although the show never quite lived up to the manga, Everybody! Shake It, Buddy! was a bright spot during my angsty teenage years. I danced to this song. A lot. Like a possessed woman. And now you can too. You’re welcome!

6. What’s Up Guys? – Sorcerer Hunters

Sorcerer Hunters was the first manga I ever read back in 2002, and any incarnation of it will always hold a special place in my heart. It doesn’t hurt that the anime’s theme What’s Up Guys? is a kickass cacophony of crazy guitar and outrageous synth solos. I haven’t watched Sorcerer Hunters in over a decade, but I still find myself humming this song from time to time. Now that’s dangerously catchy.

5.  Let Me Be With You – Chobits

When my friend and I were twelve years old we went on a camp field trip to see a Broadway play. On our bus ride there, the two of us sang Let Me Be With You so incessantly that we were reprimanded by our counselors and begged to stop by our friends. Yet, despite all their anger, I heard more than a few of my fellow campers humming it to themselves throughout the day. Let Me Be With You is so catchy that it’s the devil’s music. No one is immune to its charms. Even if you hate it, you will be singing it. Chobits, what have you done?

4.  Rock the Dragon – Dragon Ball Z

Do I even need to explain why this song is catchy and awesome? It’s called Rock the Dragon for God’s sake. And boy does it rock that dragon.

3. Ride on Shooting Star – FLCL

Even though I was never a huge fan of FLCL, its theme song was always a favorite of mine. I love that Ride on Shooting Star manages to be both mellow and catchy, something many anime songs, including a few on this list, just can’t swing. FLCL’s primo theme totally stands on its own two feet, and is beloved by many with good reason. Ride on, The Pillows!

2. Tank! – Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is perfect. Tank! is perfect. Flawlessness all around. Just listen to it.

That is all.

1. Zankoku Na Tenshi No Te-Ze – Neon Genesis Evangelion

I had never seen Evangelion before a week ago, but I have known the theme song for as long as I can remember. Zankoku Na Tenshi No Te-Ze has existed in my life as a super high energy, fun, and incredibly catchy song since long before I even knew what anime was. Zankoku Na Tenshi No Te-Ze is right up there with Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy as a song that I absolutely have to dance to every time I hear it. I mean, it’s not hard to get me to dance, but dang. This song just isn’t playing around. Now, go forth and dance your little booty off, baby!

Honorable Mentions: 

HellsingCard Captor SakuraParanoia Agent

What anime theme songs can’t you get out of your head?