L’Oreal HiColor Sizzling Copper Tutorial!


Okay! I’m posting this because I wasn’t able to find something like it for this particular color before I dyed my hair, and I want to help my fellow aspiring redheads out!

This color is L’Oreal Hicolor in Sizzling Copper. The photo to the left above is of my natural, very dark brown hair. The photo to the right is after one application of Sizzling Copper. Both photos were taken in (mostly) artificial light.



* 2 boxes of Hicolor Sizzling Copper (or 1, depending on your hair length. More on that below!)

* A bottle of developer (I used Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Creme Developer)

* A bottle of protein filler (I used Colorful Professional Protein Filler #10 in Red Red. This step is optional, but a protein filler will help your all over color stay consistent and will keep your dye job from being patchy. This can happen if you have old dye still deposited in your hair.)

* A non-metalic mixing bowl (I used a cheap-o plastic bowl from Sally’s Beauty Supply)

* A highlighting brush (<– click to see what I mean)

* Plastic gloves

* A disposable shower cap


Open both Hicolor dye boxes and squeeze the contents of both tubes into the mixing bowl (keep in mind, my hair is very long and thick- I had about a third of the mix left by the time I was done coating my hair, and I have a pretty extensive under-shave, If I still had all my hair two whole tubes would have been JUST enough! If you have less hair than me, plan accordingly!)

Take the two little tubes that say “Copper intensifier” from each box and squeeze the contents out of both tubes into the bowl.

Take your developer and squeeze roughly twice the amount of developer to dye into the bowl. You want a two to one ratio.

Take your protein filler and squeeze a third of the bottle into the mixture (you can always use more if you frequently dye your hair and are worried about patchy/inconsistent coverage)

STIR THAT SHIT TOGETHER! Mine looked like this when I was done.

Once all the lumps are gone, put some gloves on and paint the mixture into your hair! I painted my roots first and, though you can’t tell from this picture, they are lighter than the rest of my hair. It’s not too noticeable to me and I don’t mind, but if that’s something you’re worried about, then begin with dying the shaft of your hair before the roots.

Once the dye is good and shellacked in there, put your hair up in a bun and then pop a shower cap on over it to keep things neat and tidy. Leave the mixture in your hair for 30 MINUTES and then wash out with cold water.

Voila! You’re done!



If anyone has any questions about this process/color/whatever, feel free to leave me an ask and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Happy dying!